The Irifune Annex Bamboo Villa is a luxurious annex to the main hotel based in a separate location overlooking the sea. There are six twin rooms which share a spacious living area and kitchen, making it ideal for families and large groups. The second floor living area offers a fantastic view of the sea which stretches as far as Taiwan, and in front of the villa is a large garden where you can have barbeques. There is an open air bath on the roof where you can enjoy gorgeous sunsets at your leisure.

Meals can be taken either at the main hotel (our staff run a pick up and drop off service) or at the villa depending on numbers. Self catering is also an option.

Room rates vary according to numbers and meal options. If you are interested in making a reservation, please email us at

The annex villa is situated near the village of Higawa on the south and opposite side of the island to the main hotel, and is located high up on a hillside offering an incredible view of the sea, which stretches as far as Taiwan. Guests can enjoy magnificent sunrise and sunset vistas.

The natural decorations in the main second floor living area create a relaxed atmosphere, and the mood lighting and entertainment facilities (TV, Karaoke machine etc), make it ideal for parties. In addition to the open air rooftop bath, there is also a luxurious indoor bath with panoramic views of the sea.

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