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Sou-Wes was founded over 20 years go to offer diving services for the island of Yonaguni and Hotel Irifune has been run as a family business for two generations. We are the only place on the island to offer all-in-one tourist services including standard and luxury accommodation with delicious local cuisine, glass-bottomed sightseeing boat trips to the underwater monument, charter fishing trips, cruises and, of course, diving at the underwater monument and hammerhead shark-watching at numerous other sites around the island.

Sou-Wes founder Kihachiro Aratake was the first person to discover the underwater monument at Yonaguni in 1986 and has devoted a lifetime to studying it and working with researchers from around the world to try and unlock the mystery surrounding its origins. Born and raised on the island, there is no one better placed to introduce visitors to the history and wildlife of this unique island.

Contact Sou-Wes Yonguni & Hotel Irifune
Reservations for diving, sightseeing boat trips and accommodation can be made via the online forms. If you have any trouble with these or want to contact us for any other reason, please do not hesitate to get in touch at:
add Okinawa-Ken,Yaeyama-Gun, Yonaguni-Cho, Aza, Yonaguni 59-6
Tel +81 (0)980 87 2311
Fax +81 (0)980 87 2975
Email sawes@yonaguni.jp

From transportation services to and from the airport to one-on-one trial dives at the underwater monument, our experienced and friendly staff will do everything to ensure you have as pleasant a stay as possible and experience everything Yonagunijima has to offer.

Sou-Wes Yonguni & Hotel Irifune
Okinawa-Ken, Yaeyama-Gun, Yonaguni-Cho, Aza, Yonaguni 59-6
907-1801 Japan Email: sawes@yonaguni.jp
Tel: +81 (0)980 87 2311    Fax: +81 (0)980 87 2975

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